About Us

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ViaNile Limited provides a helpful platform that allows users to buy and sell different items and also earn a referral bonus when they invite others to use the platform. ViaNile is an e-commerce web App, brilliantly integrated with social networks and other networking platforms for complete functionality. You can connect, chat, share and collaborate without spending a cent. It has many features, including (but not limited to): chat, survey tools and opinion-hub. The opinion-hub is a feedback tool that allows users to gather sincere and quick feedback from their social circle. You can now create an account to enable you see what your friends and family say about you, your business, or other situations which you are uncertain about, and you can then use the majority of opinions to make decisions that will affect you positively.

What is your occupation?

Are you a doctor, hairdresser, teacher, computer programmer, welder, plumber, painter, mechanic and so on? Through the platform offered by ViaNile, you will become very visible to your target audience. Also, you can be easily contacted. This gives you a very good chance of being successful in your endeavor. It doesn’t really matter your occupation as ViaNile can be very useful in lots of ways when it comes to helping you reach out to as many people as possible that may need your skill or service. Don’t forget that visibility is the key of every successful business. The more visible your services are to your target audience that is how you will have a better chance of attaining success.

The ViaNile platform also has features that enable users to see products of businesses wherever they are. For instance, if you travel from one state to another within any country and you want to buy something, by visiting the BusinessesNetwork page, you can use the "Map Search" to find the proximity of a particular business to you. With this option, you can also see the exact number of miles or kilometers it will require for you to arrive at each of such shops or business locations. 

ViaNile is a tool that is very powerful when it comes to locating addresses as well as places of every professional activity with a very high degree of accuracy. It helps to display locations of professionals as well as businesses thereby giving them better visibility.

What is ViaNile Service Offering?

With ViaNile Service, you will be able to easily find what you need regardless of where you are – country, city or town. 

For professionals and also business partners:

• Reduced multiple visibility and also location cost.

• For professionals and small enterprises, the cost of operating or running a site will be reduced such as maintenance, management, domain, and server.

• Human health protection and improved environmental quality via reducing flyers which aren’t read.

• Communication with customers through live chat in order to ensure that a solid business is built.

For users:

• You will be able to quickly identify what you need through ViaNile.

• It will save you money and time which would have been spent on trying to find a company, object, restaurant, hotel, destination, or professional around an area.

• ViaNile helps you to easily find what you are searching for without breaking sweat in a country, city or town.

• Misconduct as a result of quick purchases after work or during break can lead to points being lost on your driving license. ViaNile service will enable you to avoid all of these by helping you to make an order in advance. It can also be delivered in a timely way.

• It can carry out services related to price comparison.

• It has a delivery service possibility.

Shop for products and make seamless orders without exposing yourself or your family to the Covid-19 pandemic!

One of the aims on this platform is to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and other communicable diseases by ultimately abolishing long queues and the need to make purchases from crowded shops. To get your product, you can chat with sales representatives via chat, notifying them that you are ready to pick up your items or even get your order via a delivery system.This prevents your customers from standing in long queues under the sun or in the rain, ultimately helping to reduce Coronavirus's spread.

It is not a bad idea to use Plexiglass that barricades a till/cashier in a bid to reduce the rate of transmission of particles between sales reps and the customers. However, through close interactions between sales reps themselves, sales representatives can spread the virus between themselves and to the visiting customers who come to the shop/restaurant to get something.

The sole purpose of this feature is to enable customers to make orders from the comfort of their seats, whether in restaurants, clubs, or pubs. The ViaNile.Com platform automatically generates a QR code for every individual and business that decides to create an account, allowing their customers to scan the QR code with their smartphone.

Grow your business in various ways without exposing your staff and customers to the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic!

The ViaNile.Com management prioritizes its customers' safety and well-being by providing a channel through which customers can initiate order without having to come in physical contact with anyone, in a bid to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

To prevent customers from standing in long queues under the sun or rain, or to help customers purchase in crowded shops, every business owner will have to print and inscribe his/her unique QR code (which helps direct potential customers to his/her online order Page) on every table in his/her business seating area. This process is specifically helpful when customers want to order from a particular business. All that the customer needs to do is to scan the QR code of the company/business, enter the table number of the business, place an order directly from the table, and wait for delivery of the order within the scheduled time.

To make the order process easier for customers, any business owner with a private or VIP room where customers can make orders from, can make sure that the name or number of the VIP room is noticeable and visible for all customers to see. He/she should print the QR code equally and place it in an exposed area for all-and-sundry to see.

Kindly print your QR code and affix it to each table (having a distinctive number) in your restaurant, pub, club, or bar. By labeling each table with a unique name, customers will be able to refer to the correct table when placing an order. 

Similarly, if you have a VIP/private room from which customers can make orders, kindly place the name or number of the room/VIP suite in an area visible for all customers to see. Take the same steps when placing your QR code for easy and instant visibility.