Privacy Policy

Smart Choice Centre Limited places a premium on your privacy. As someone accessing our platform, we believe it is very important that you are familiar with this document. If you access our platform, you assent to the policies outlined here. You may also contact us at the address located at the bottom of this document should you have any questions about the policies outlined here.

Information Collected
 We collect a variety of information in a variety of ways through the Platform. 

Information provided by you. ViaNile Privacy Policy explains the information collected from you and how such is used. We, at ViaNile, have great respect for the privacy of our visitors, customers and users, as well as other companies’ brands, products and services. When you visit and interact with ViaNile.COM, you may share materials or provide information about yourself, so, we recommend that you think carefully before sharing or providing such information. However, we may request certain pieces of information as a requisite to using our services.  While you are free to decline in releasing such information to us, it may affect your free access to some of our services.

How We Use The Information collected from you. You are required to provide certain information when registering as a member of ViaNile Platform. This include, but not limited to, your first and last name, gender, email address, country, city, profile photo, date of birth, contact number, and a descriptive information about yourself and career. You will also be required to choose a password that you can use whenever you want to access your account.

E-mail you provided. When you create an account on ViaNile platform, we will send you a confirmation email message, once you receive it, you are required to click the link sent to you so that we can authenticate your identity and registration. To enhance your experience on ViaNile Platform, we use some of your information in a manner that allows you to interact with other members. We also use some of your information in a manner that allows other members to search for you with your first and last name or email address. But, we have provided you a tool on the right side of your new feed called ‘’who viewed your profile’’. This tool allows you to see the people that viewed your profile. For friends and family to easily recognise you, we will publicly display your name, picture and other information associated with your account. For this reason, your account will be visible to everyone that logged into ViaNile.Com. For your privacy and safety reasons, please do not share details, such as passwords, IDs, PPS/social security numbers, credit card numbers, driver's license numbers or other sensitive data on the ViaNile Platform.

How we use contacts collected from you. Your permission is required to sync your contacts with the ViaNile server to enable you to have access to those who are in your ViaNile app contact list. ViaNile consists of Mobile applications and Web based application. When you create an account via ViaNile mobile apps, the details you used in creating the account will be synced within ViaNile's databases to maintain consistency within systems. These details will be kept safely on the ViaNile databases to enable you to easily login when next you come back to access your ViaNile account via web browser, and such details will not be used for anything else.

How we use The Location Information collected from you. We collect and use precise location information from your device with your permission when you choose to use location-related features, like when you decide to share your location with your contacts or view locations nearby or locations others have shared with you. There are certain settings relating to location-related information which you can find in your device settings or the in-app settings, such as location sharing. Even if you do not use our location-related features.

In app purchase. We do in-app purchases with "Google Play In-app Billing" for android and "Apple In-App Purchase" for iPhone. Following is the link for in-app purchase features and pricing:

Cookies. We may place a cookie on your hard drive to customize your user experience and to record information with regard to your visit. We may, through this cookie, monitor with particularity your experience on the Platform. 

IP Address. We will collect your IP address with the purpose of identifying you as a user of our Platform.

Personal Information.  The only personal information we collect is that which you provide to us. Your profile information helps to improve our services while your email address helps us to communicate with you. We use the information associated with your profile to provide you with services such as analysing demographics to give you and other ViaNile users the best experience as possible. All forms of communications about our services and its features will be done through the email you provided. We may disclose your email address to third parties to target advertising and to improve your user experience on our platform.  We may also disclose your email address and/or information to third parties for marketing purposes. You may choose to opt out of having your email address shared with third parties for marketing purposes by sending your request by email to [email protected]. We recommend that you include your unique URL on the body of your message when making such requests.

Personal privacy settings. You may apply the personal privacy option to determine who sees your posts as well as who interacts with them. This is important because whenever a user makes a post or publish a content making use of the general setting, that user has by default made it possible for everybody; those that have ViaNile account and those without, to gain access to and utilize details connected with such accounts.

Embedded Advertisements. The Platform’s advertising service may place or utilize cookies on your hard drive in order to properly personalize your experience on the Platform.

User Communications.  We will save any user communications made through the platform or otherwise.

Information requested when using third party service/API

Quick registration/login to ViaNile. The fast registration/login facility integrated to ViaNile using third-party authentication service/API requires the use of login credentials that has been set up on such third-party platform. It will enable ViaNile to collect certain required information from the account you have with the third-party platform just to complete your registration. These details will be kept safely on ViaNile database to enable you easily login when next you come back to ViaNile.

Inviting friends from third party platforms. ViaNile will request the login details of the account you have with the third-party platform. This is to enable you have access to the contact list of friends that you wish to invite from such third-party platform. But, the login details/information you used in the process will not be saved on ViaNile database, and will not be used for anything else.

Sharing contents from ViaNile to third party platforms. This service allows ViaNile’s users share anything using social sharing system. ClueGtae will not save/use any information requested in the process of sharing contents from ViaNile to third party platforms.

Disclosure of Information
We may disclose your information to third parties in the following circumstances:  (1) any request from a governmental organization or law enforcement; (2) if there are legal claims against us pertaining to your information; (3) should we, in our discretion, reasonably believe there is fraud committed on your part and further investigation is warranted; (4) protection of the rights of any third party; (5) when it is appropriate to enforce our User Agreement; or (6) Smart Choice Centre Limited/ ViaNile is purchased by a third party.

We will not disclose your information otherwise and simply collect your information for analytical purposes.

However, you would like to take into consideration when publishing an item, the manner the platform functions demands that 3rd parties could get in touch with anybody that publishes a material on the Platform. As a result of this system, anybody that registers an account or publishes content makes their private information accessible to anybody using the Platform.

Protection of Your Information
We take reasonable measures to protect your information from disclosure to third parties. The only parties that may access your information are affiliated with ViaNile and such access is essential to ViaNile’s services. Be careful to whom you disclose your personal information. Do not disclose anything to us that you want to keep private.

Modification of this Privacy Policy
 Smart Choice Centre Limited shall make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. If there are any questions you have about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at [email protected] with any questions.